bonding-with-babyA new baby in the family brings excitement, joy, and a little bit of anxiety. Questions arise as the family adjusts to the new normal. Oftentimes new moms and dads feel inadequate, but there’s no need. Let’s follow Megan and James and their newborn the first few days at home as they bond.


New babies have a limited range of sight. Until their eyes fully develop, they can only see about a foot away. Megan spends hours throughout the day gazing at her little one. New babies eat often during the first few weeks. This is a great time for Megan to look intently at her sweet new miracle. Babies can read facial expressions, so Megan smiles at her infant. James takes his turn, burping her and holding her up near his face as he examines her sweet nose, eyelashes, and chin. Sometimes happy tears escape from his eyes.

The Loving Touch

Skin is the most vast organ on your body. Megan cuddles her baby closely, holding the infant skin to skin, warming her with a soft blanket wrapped around them. She gently caresses the little one, cuddling her cheek to cheek. She strengthens their bonding time by gazing into her babies eyes while snuggling with her. Megan is often overwhelmed with emotion as she connects with her daughter, building a lifelong relationship of love and security. James enjoys using a football hold with his newborn. He places one hand gently on her belly, he wants her to know her daddy loves her.

Oh, Be Careful Little Ears

New studies have shown that babies begin to listen and learn while still in the womb during most of the last trimester. Megan speaks to the baby in quiet tones. Sometimes she sings, sometimes she tells the baby the plan for the day. Often she prays for the baby and whispers words of thankfulness. The best times are those when she is able to capture her infants gaze, snuggle her closely and tell her how much she is loved all at the same time. James comes to the rescue when the baby cries and needs comforting. He places his hand on her tummy and soothes her by telling her mommy and daddy will take care of her always.

Although Megan would love to bond and keep these precious days with her baby all to herself, she recognizes the need for other significant people to bond as well. Siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles all clamor for their time. She steps back and enjoys the view as family members are amazed at this new little person.


Babies cry. Regardless of how loving and nurturing a parent is his or her infant will cry at some point. But just because crying is an unavoidable part of parenting doesn’t mean it has no cure. For new parents, or even seasoned pros, a crying baby can make for a difficult time. Babies cry for a variety of reasons: hunger, loneliness, tiredness, or simply from having colic, and they all can be remedied with a bit of tender loving care.

1. Use a Baby Carrier

Babies love being close to their parents. Skin to skin is great but any way a baby can be touching his or her mom or dad will calm them down. There are many types of carriers, including cloth wraps like Moby Wraps or Baby K’Tan and there are more structured vests like Baby Bjorn and Tula. These wraps and vests can range anywhere between thirty and 150 dollars.

2. The Fussy Baby Book

Martha and William Sears are attachment parents(of eight!) who write helpful books on gentle parenting. Their most widely known book is The Fussy Baby Book, A book on how to calm and soothe upset babies and children from birth to age five for a variety of reasons.

3. Use a Baby Monitor

When your baby isn’t upset and is happily napping try using a baby monitor to leave the room without worrying about leaving your little one. You’ll have freedom to get some work done and mill about the house and be able to hear if your baby starts to stir.

4. Mylicon Drops

Fussiness can often be a symptom of gas in newborns. Some baby foods and formulas can cause extra gas and poor bottle handling can cause infants to swallow extra air. It’s hard to tell when a baby has gas bubbles built up. Mylicon drops are orally administered after meals or before bed as needed to relieve tummy aches cause by gas.

5. Soothing Sounds

Silence is quite frustrating for both babies and for parents. When it’s too quiet a sleeping infant can wake up to the smallest noise. Adding a white noise machine to a little one’s sleeping habitat can calm them down and help them fall asleep quicker at nap times or for bed. You don’t have to invest a lot of money into a real sound machine; some babies are lulled by a sound as simple as a running vacuum or dryer.


Baby Walkers are great products that allow your little one to master the skills needed to walk independently. These walkers are usually four wheeled carts with a raised handle at just the right height to help baby scoot around. Many include a seat or basket that a favorite toy can be placed in. The following is an overview of the features of some of the best walkers available to help you pick the best one.

Haba Walker Wagon

This walker features a sturdy wood construction, with rubber tires and wooden rims. It has both a seat on the front for a stuffed animal or doll, as well as toy storage in the back. This walker wagon has adaptable breaks to adjust as baby gets better at walking.

Hape Wonder Walker

The Wonder Walker is another durable wood construction walker that features five on board activities to develop coordination and motor skills. The paint has a safe non-toxic finish.

Chicco Dance Walker Activity Center

This product can convert from a walker to a stationary activity center, and has a removable nylon seat for easy washing. A really special feature is the ability to hook up an MP3 player for mobile music! It can also fold flat for easy storage and travel.

Hape Galloping Zebra Cart

This Walker is similar to the above model by Hape, except it features two galloping Zebras for the baby that loves animals! It also has a non-toxic finish, rubber lined wheels to protect floors, and storage space for toys. The best feature might be its balanced construction so baby can pull himself up unassisted.

Safety 1st Sounds ‘n Lights Activity Walker, Surfin Safari

This is another walker that features a seat for baby to sit in while walking around, and has adjustable height so you can continue to use it while your little one gets bigger. It has a removable tray and 5 toys that include songs and lights.

When it comes to picking a good baby walker, the main decision is between the wooden push-behind models and the plastic seated models. One of the big advantages of the push behind walkers is that they allow your child to play with it independently; coming and going as they please. The seated designs would require mom or dad to place baby inside of them and take him or her out when they’re done. The flip side is that baby is going to be more secure in the two seated models. Once you’ve chosen between the two main designs, the rest of the decision is a matter of color preference and how much you like the included activities.


It is the greatest joy to have your new born in your arms healthy and smiling and anything less of that is unwelcome for any mother. Many hospitals bath babies minutes after they are delivered. Here are somereasons why you should delay your baby’s first bath.


Babies are born with Vernix which protects the baby’s skin and strengthens the baby’s immune system. It also moisturizes and keeps the baby’s skin soft and supple. The amniotic fluid also provides resistance to infections. This means that vernix has more benefits when on the baby than when washed away especially for babies born in hospitals due to the hospital acquired infections.


The baby needs a smooth transition to the life on the outside, separating it from the mother denies them a chance to breast feed which supports the transition. The baby wants to be close to the source of food which is the chest where they can feel, hear and smell the mother. Another reason why one should delay the first bath is because bathing may lower the baby’s body temperature. After the bath, the baby may work harder to maintain the normal range of temperature. This is unlike when the child is held in the mother’s chest where the temperatures can be regulated.

A major reason why you should delay is because separation from the mother causes stress to the new born. When the baby cries, feels upset and uncomfortable, they releases stress hormones which may result to rise in heartbeat and blood pressure. The baby may breath faster and feel agitated thus lowering blood sugar.


It is such an awesome experience to share your baby’s first bath. Both parents would create special and beautiful memories by bathing their baby. Other than the parents the baby also feels secure and loved when they are not separated in the first days to get a bath by hospital attendants. Whether the baby is bathed or not, many hospitals require that the staff handle babies with gloves on which is equally important. The baby should not have a bath as a way to minimize transmission of hospital acquired infections.

Since there are no medical reasons why it is important to bath a baby hours after their birth, mothers should consider the above reasons to delay their baby’s first bath.

lifevestWorried about your kids in the water? Worry no more with life jackets. Not only will they keep your kids afloat, but they will have them wanting to play without the limit of depth restrictions. Think of it as training wheels for an eager infant wanting to swim.

The O’Neill Infant Nylon USCG Vest is a sleek suit for a stylin’ kid. Get your kid into the idea of dressing properly with this comfortable yet fitting vest. It’s easily adjustable with a quick release strap. It comes in colors such as yellow, blue, and orange that will make your kid stand out in the crowd. And just for a bit more in cost, you can be sure that your child doesn’t have any pinches near the head. Select the Stohlquist Nemo Infant/Toddler Life Jacket. It’s specially v-shaped to keep your little one’s head free and alert. Want a bigger size? Get the Stohlquist Nemo Child Life Jacket.

Want something cuter and less formal? Try the Sterns Kids Puddle Jumper Basic Life Jacket. It’s printed as your toddler’s floatable companion. You could think of it like the pink ball of air, Kirby. The prints range from a smiley face, and a crab, to a frog. It will work with kids ranging from 30-90lbs.

Want a more conservative style? See the Stearns Kids Puddle Jumper Deluxe Life Jacket. These decorative pictures follow today’s trends of fashionable clothing. It’s simple and all the kids will have something to talk about once they see the new animal or face in the pool. “Hey smiley, I’m feeling your vibe!” That’s right. Swimming is not just a life skill, it’s a fun activity to keep your kids alive in the figurative sense. Your kid can be as low as 20lb for this fun filler.

No more staying in the house watching T.V. or crying from lack of cuddling. A snug life jacket is just the squeeze your child wants for that outdoor outlet. No more choking from overly tight vests or rashes from chafing material. It’s important to build survival skills early when your child is developing, but is there such a thing as too early? You wouldn’t drop your kid in a pool without one of these would you? I sure hope not. Even early swimming pool lessons include some sort of floating device whether it be a foam tube or a board. Don’t leave your kid feeling half naked when there are several options to suit your little one’s needs and desires.

Baby_FoodBreast is best. It’s the saying that’s been around for many years. Breastfeeding a child has numerous benefits. It’s almost hard to keep track of all of them. Breastfeeding is more than just providing nourishment to a small baby, it’s a great way to form an everlasting bond, and a way that a baby will always know that their mother is near.

Breastfeeding is not easy. Nobody sugar coats it, and tries to make it easy either. But, the fact of the matter is that it’s worth it. Breastfeeding is hard work. The first challenge is making the milk come in. Everyone is capable of producing milk, some just take some more work than others. There are moms out there who are able to produce ounces upon ounces of milk. Other moms out their can only produce a trickle. If you’re not producing as much milk as you’d like – there are some solutions. One is to pump to help get the supply up. Another is to eat more of certain kind of foods and drinks. There is tea out there that’s proven to help, as well as other recipes such as lactation cookies.

Aside from the milk, the latch is key too. In the beginning latching can be very painful because it’s a new feeling. In the middle breastfeeding can be challenging too because babies sometimes bite. A good latch is the key to getting a baby lots of milk.

Breastfeeding has many benefits. There are a lot of essential nutrients in mothers milks. These are nutrients that you won’t find anywhere else. They’re all natural. They’re not something that you’ll find in a container, sitting on a grocery shelf. Breastfeeding is an amazing thing that is capable of sustaining a life.

Immediately after birth, the baby should be placed on the breast. This helps them get used to it, and develop a good solid latch early on. Breastfeeding is instinct. After the babies mouth is guided to the mothers breast, the baby will be able to take it from there and no what to do.

A baby placed on a mothers breast creates warmth. The baby feels safe, warm, and loved along with this skin to skin contact. A bond will be formed between the two due to breastfeeding. Along with this breastfeeding, the baby naturally trusts the mother and feels safe with her. Keeping the baby close by as well really helps form this beautiful bond.

Breastfeeding is the best way to feed baby. If you want to know how to breastfeed or need advice and tips on how to make your own baby food at home, visit this site!


Welcoming a new baby into your live can be a joyous occasion. As a new parent it’s no surprise that you only want what’s best for your newborn child. Babies are dependent on their parents and come into the world trusting us to give them the love and nurturing that they need. Even the most loving parents occasionally need a break from the baby to cook dinner or wash clothes. How do you get stuff done with a little life that constantly wants your attention? The answer is quite easy, babies need their brains entertained and stimulated. I will discuss a few play-mats on the market today that your little one will be sure to enjoy and to give you parents a few spare moments to complete your household chores.

The baby care play mat is developed for babies and younger children. This play-mat is safe for any type of floor surface and acts as an insulator to keep play time quiet. The mat provides enough thickness to prevent injuries from children falling, rolling over or standing up. The play-mat is filled with vibrant and stimulating colors as well as the letters of the alphabet and numbers for counting. In addition, the play-mat provides plenty of animals and characters to keep your little one entertained.

Babies love bright colors to look at, with The Rainbow Colors Interlocking Foam Wonder Mat that is just what your child will get. There are 36 total mats making up 36 square feet of playing area. The materials used are non-recycled and non-toxic; the materials are also lightweight and durable. With proper care this mat should last up to 5 years. This mat is perfect for babies to enjoy the vibrant colors. For older children it could be fun to take apart pieces and put them back together.

The Skip Hop Alphabet Zoo Activity is the next play-mat for review. This mat’s surface is quiet and soft. This play-mat has 17 different developmental activities as well as 13 loops and 5 hanging animal toys to be hung high or low on the play-mat. This also includes a tummy time pillow for that stage of babies life. The High Stars Play-mat Swinging Safari is another play-mat which is perfect for the growing baby. This soft over-sized mat provides 8 fun toys to play with as well as lights and music for plenty of entertainment.

The last product is called Tiny Love Deluxe Lights Activity. This mat is geared towards newborns to 10 months. This mat provides classical Mozart music as well as nursery rhymes. There is a touch pad for baby to explore lights and music as well as colorful flowers that flash and light up. This play-mat provides colorful arches with different activities and different textured toys to play with. As your baby grows older and has the proper neck strength the mirror provides fun time and studying reflections.

All five of these products have great reviews from parents just as yourself. All these play-mats can be found on Amazon ranging from $48-$89. Your child will love the activities these mats provide and you parents will get a few moments of sanity back in your life.

Best Pregnancy Body PillowFinding comfort during pregnancy, especially after the second trimester, can be difficult when trying to drift off to sleep. Ensuring that you get enough sleep during pregnancy is vital for not only yourself, but your growing baby. Your baby has grown so much that sleeping on your stomach is no longer an option. One way to find that comfort is finding the perfect pregnancy body pillow. These pillows come in different shapes, sizes and even colors. There are a few things that you can do to relieve the stress of narrowing down your choices.

Ask your Doctor

First and foremost, ask your doctor for their advice. The pillow will have an effect on your body and if you have any medical issues, other than pregnancy related, these should be addressed by your physician. Your doctor may be able to help guide you in the direction of the perfect pillow. It is important to note that the left side is the recommended sleeping position for pregnant moms.

Finding the right shape

The shapes of the pregnancy pillows will affect your body differently. So ask yourself, what area affects you most when trying to get comfortable in bed? If you find yourself with more back discomfort, remember that when you go shopping for your pillow. The pillows come in several shapes to include; O, U, C, and l. The different shapes allow for relaxation in different areas. The U shaped pillow allows for more comfort for your back and your stomach. The l shaped pillows are typically placed between the arms or under the belly and legs to offer stomach and hip support. The O shaped pillow offers elevation to the head and often times swollen legs.

Return Policy

If you purchase a pillow only to find that it is not the right one for you, make sure you ask about the store’s return policy. Always ensure to keep your receipt just in case you have return your pillow. Most stores allow you to exchange your pillow if you have your receipt in hand.

There are many options to consider when picking your pregnancy pillow. Find what feels right for you because it isn’t always easy trying to find comfort during sleep during pregnancy. Choosing the right pregnancy pillow is important to ensure that you are able to find a good night’s sleep for you and your growing baby.

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3 Body Pillow Benefits You Didn’t Know

Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy

When you are expecting, you want to make sure the items you get and receive are some of the best out there. You don’t want to end up with a item for your little one that really does not work all that well like claimed from the manufacturer. That is why they have asked actual mom’s for their input and opinion on different items. They have narrowed it down to the top 5 items that mommies like and rave about. Below are the items that were raved about the most.

Ubbi Diaper Pail

Ubbi Diaper PailThese chic, stylish diaper pails were one of the top talked about. Mothers love this thing, not only does it come in a variety of colors that are bright and vibrant. But, it keeps the smell of dirty diaper out of your home or babies room. Plastic diaper pails will absorb odors, the Ubbi is powder coated steel so it does not absorb that stench. Also a great thing about this pail is it is child proof, with child locks preventing your little one from getting into it, making a big mess. You no longer have to purchase those expensive refill bags to go in your diaper pail, The Ubbi is created to fit your standard kitchen garbage bag!

Aden and Anais Serenity Star

Aden and Anais Serenity StarOver thousands of moms have shown appreciation for this new item, it is everything you need in one little star. It reminds you of all the feeding times which is great. Being a new mom means stress, when you have a newborn that needs to eat every two or three hours, you can forget sometimes or loose track of time. It is also a sound machine with 4 different sounds, your baby will fall asleep so peacefully listening to this star. Another great thing about this star is it has a night light. You never have to fumble around in the middle of the night anymore when it’s time to feed. Also the Aden and Anais Serenity Star is equipped with a clock and room temperature.

Boba Wrap

Boba WrapThis comes in handy when you need to do household chores. Mommies love this Boba Wrap, they say it is comfortable and easily pulled on and babies can sleep for hours in it. It can hold up to 35 pounds of weight.

Bobby Pillow

Bobby PillowEvery mother knows about this popular Bobby pillow, well there is a reason for it! It can be used for a little nap or to feed your baby if you are exhausted and just want to be a little on the lazy side. It wraps around your side also if you are breastfeeding. Making it easier for your baby to sit still.

The Miracle Blanket Swaddler

Miracle Blanket SwaddlerBabies love to be held tight, it gives them the safe feeling like they are still in the womb. That is what the Swaddler does, this particular one does not have the harsh Velcro like many others. Moms swear by this product.

Routines for a Happy Baby: A 4-Step GuideA Happy Baby makes Everyone Happy

As a new parent, you may be asking yourself all sorts of questions about your new infant. You may wonder what times you should feed your infant or put him to sleep. Raising a new baby will come natural to most. There are several tips that will help guide you to raising your baby and keeping him happy. Having a routine for your baby will benefit him and may slightly change as he gets older.

Feeding Schedule- From Liquids to Solids

Newborns are typically going to eat every couple of hours, so it may be hard to really set a schedule at such a young age. As babies get older, this will all soon change. You will be able to grow and accommodate changes as age progresses for the infant. Around six months of age, your baby will start to eat solid foods. This is a great time to let him join you at the dinner table and start getting used to eating with the family, as part of his routine.

A Comforting Bath

A bath is the perfect way to get your baby ready for bedtime. Newborns can’t have their first real bath until their umbilical cords falls off, which usually is a week after birth. Be sure to get everything prepared first before giving your baby a bath. You will need to run his water and check the temperature, have a towel and wash cloth, and a fun bath toy for him to hold. Bath time can be very comforting to your baby and allows him to have fun in the water.

Sleeping Schedule – Naps and Bedtime

At first, a newborn is going to sleep up to 16 hours per day. He will wake up often to eat. As your baby gets older, you can start a sleeping schedule. Around three months of age, you can start putting your baby down for his naps at the same times during the day. You will also want to start getting him ready for bed at the same time every night. At night time, ensure to use a quiet voice and low lights to let your baby know it is still night time and not time to play.

A Final Tip

Remember to grow with your baby and to change his routine as needed. As he gets older, his needs are going to change. He won’t take as many naps and will start eating more solid foods. Over time, your routine with your baby is going to help keep him happy and ensure he is getting the best care.